Creating a Tech Ecosystem to Bridge the Gap in Society

Entrepreneurs build the future we will live in. And we help them achieve their vision by providing required funding or knowledge. How do we do it? We have a global network of ecosystem partners providing holistic services to emerging tech startups.

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Access to capital is one of the key priorities for any company. We help selected early-stage startups get funding. We connect startups to our trusted network of VCs and Angels and ensure investor-readiness of each startup.


The legal needs of ventures differ from those of conventional businesses, and we are well-equipped to handle those needs. We help startup teams navigate the legal world in an efficient way, making sure that established legal structures enhance business growth.

Accounting & Tax

From financial planning and budgeting to establishing a viable business model, our partner accounting firms and tax offices provide the resources and expertise to take the weight off your shoulders.


Be it structural, transitory or project based; our business consultancy provide you with experts who have the spot-on skill set and experience to take on executive roles for ventures that are accessing to global markets.

Case Studies

EdTech, VR

At VRLab Academy, their aim is to create a conjoint world of innovation and joyful education. VRLab Academy makes advanced virtual science education possible to have for institutions that aim to evolve their educational environment, students that want to improve their scientific skills and learn all about it from first hand.

Clotie, FashionTech

Clotie is an online personal styling service that provides a unique and convenient shopping experience for users. By combining technology with the expertise of experienced stylists, Clotie offers personalized monthly outfits that fit users' styles and addresses common shopping issues through a personalized and accessible service.

Anonymization, AI

Syntonym provides a Generative AI-based Synthetic Anonymization solution to ensure compliance with privacy regulations. Going beyond traditional anonymization to maintain meaning and utility in visual data, Syntonym introduces a privacy preserving state-of-the-art technology solution for businesses.


The company's passion is in data science and they offer a unique algorithm called the Magnus Algorithm. It has been proven by market leaders, finance experts, global journals, and academicians to be effective in helping individuals grow their investments and turn passive savings into profitable assets. In addition to being a robo-advisor.

HealthTech, AI

Deep sport is a fitness tool that utilizes artificial intelligence to provide real-time feedback and guidance during workouts.It runs on a user's own device and does not record images or allow anyone to see the user while exercising. The model analyzes a user's posture using the phone's camera and matches it with the current exercise.


Sertiifer allows to securely digitize, distribute, and store any type of certification.The Sertifier team's goal is to modernize the certification process through their environmentally friendly policies and technological infrastructure. To achieve this, the Sertifier system offers several features to its users.


Our Results

We believe in “skin in the game” involvement. We provide holistic support to the startups and empower them to expand further.

20+ startups
invested in
€100+ million
Overall market valuation
∼ Half-billion
Transaction volume of 20 years

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